at Metaphysical Mayhem 2023
photo credit: Nick Maurer

My research currently has three main threads. 

Epistemology: I am interested in empirical evidence and epistemic normativity. What is the foundational relationship that justifies empirical beliefs? What are the conditions of epistemic justification in general? 

Decision Theory: I am interested in theories of rational choice that are normative and substantive. Causal Decision Theory is the received theory that fits these criteria, but it faces challenges. How serious are these challenges? How do other theories of decision stack up?

Action: I am interested in the nature of action. What marks the difference between mere action and intentional action?  Some of our actions merit praise and blame. What are the conditions that make praise or blame fitting? Can non-human animals meet these conditions?


Newcomb, Frustrated (with Jack Spencer), forthcoming in Analysis.

In Praise of Animals (with Aliya Dewey), 2023, Biology & Philosophy.


The following are papers that are at a stage where I would (probably) be happy to send you a draft. 


The following are projects that are not at the draft-sharing stage, but they are projects I am happy to discuss. 

at the Central APA 2022

Me reading a philosophy book accompanied by a very handsome boxer puppy named Jon.

with my collaborator Jon Longclaw

in Stanley, Idaho.